Well, look at that! Not much to say today. I am feeling a little tired. I have the house to myself, no children here, no postpartum or prenatal meetings to attend until tomorrow. I think I will leave the mounds of dishes and unfolded laundry, and take a nap. I’m pretty darn sure I will not have a birth today…just a feeling…so perhaps I will sleep for a few minutes without my phone ringing.

I am very much looking forward to going out this evening for Ethiopian food with a dear friend. It has been awhile I’ve gone out to do something social and just for fun. It is never easy to find balance in one’s life when you know at any moment you may have to adjust your entire day. I personally like this kind of life…I will have plenty of time for routine and stability when I’m too old to doula anymore (like 109 or so). But getting in time for all one needs to maintain a balanced life, like consistently healthy meals, exercise, decent sleep, family/husband time, housework, friend time, and soul work? I’ll let you know when I have that figured out. I told an OB at the hospital yesterday my eldest child was almost 18, and she was surprised, asking me how I stayed so young looking, and what sort of facial products did I use? “Vernix,” I said. And as for lifestyle, many late nights and a lotta coffee are a major part of my youth maintaining regime.

I have spent the morning working on the FAQ parts of my website, which is coming together more concretely, finally…can’t WAIT for it to be done. The masculine counterpart to MotherWit is busy at work getting the infrastructure together while I do the content writing and the woman’s work of birth attending. I am very grateful for all the help and advice. I do notice that a man’s idea of what a website for mostly women should be like is a little different from mine 🙂 I am going to stick to my guns about certain things, and if it doesn’t work, will be gracious about the good natured “I TOLD you so!” Thank God for “computer-y” people!

Off for a snooze. Happy Wednesday!