Montreal Postpartum New Family and Baby Care

Congratulations! Your baby is here!

You are doing so much to care for this new little being (or two or three).  It is amazing how the hours can fly by and it seems all you are getting done is diaper changes, feeding, and anticipating the needs of a baby who doesn’t seem to want to sleep anywhere but in your arms.  On top of this, you’re doing it all through a fog of sleep deprivation with a body that may still feel tender after the monumental event of childbirth.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, we can reassure you that this is very common for new parents. You are not alone, and you’re not doing anything wrong.
The issue is that new parents today in our modern culture do not have nearly as much help making the major transition into this role as our ancestors did.  When we lived in closer communities, there would always be loved ones bringing you food, tidying the little messes, supporting you with baby care tasks, tending to your tired body, watching over your baby while you get the recuperative sleep you need, wiping those tears that slide down your face for no reason with quiet understanding, and reflecting back to you that you are a wonderful and worthy parent.
In some cultures the forty days after childbirth are dedicated entirely to healing after birth and being mentored through new parenting by an attentive community.  New parents emerge after this “Baby Moon”, having fully and healthfully integrated the shocking experience of birth and the extraordinary transformation into family life, confident in their new identities.
Today, the nuclear or single-parent family is expected to run the home, make the meals, care for the baby (and older kids), win the bread, and fit in “self–care” time without knowing what it’s like to be taken care of for a while.  Great parenting today is defined not by how well we feel tending to our families and ourselves, but how much we get done.  This must change.
Everywhere we turn for community support we are given information or advice that potentially erodes our confidence. Without supportive community, we begin to feel isolated and like all of those plates we are spinning could come crashing down, outing us as frauds.
At MotherWit, we ARE the supportive community.
A family care doula comes to your home some time after birth to support your transition into parenthood. If you still have a kid in diapers who wakes you up at night, we consider that within the “postnatal period”.
Your doula meets you where you are at.  They listen to what your needs are for the day.  If you don’t know what you need, which is common when you’re feeling overwhelmed, they will anticipate them for you, and be the supportive community who makes you feel like the parenting rock star you are.
Are you existing on bananas and toast because you don’t have time to feed yourself properly?  Is your bathroom a mess?  Is your body sore and you’re not sure how best to ease its post-birth discomforts?  Do you need breastfeeding trouble shooting?  Do you want some support while you figure out how to do baby care stuff?  Do you need sleep while someone you trust has their eye on your precious baby?  Do you need a walk in the fresh air alone to take a breather?  Or a shower without worrying if your baby is okay?  Do you just need to talk through some of your conflicting feelings, or process your birth experience without someone saying “but you have a healthy baby so that’s all that matters?”
Rest assured, we can Mary Poppins that.  Day OR night!
A family doula is not there to do it all for you, but to support you as you master the art of parenting.  We help you build confidence to parent in your unique way, until you know you can rely on your own inner expert.  We help you pave the way for parenting from a sense of wellbeing rather than a stressful drive to “get it all done”.
With the rise of parental mental health challenges in the postnatal period, our mission is to ensure parents are deeply heard, supported, validated, and connected to the appropriate resources to get the care they need so that parenting unfolds in wellness.  We know that the secret to well connected children are well-connected parents.

You’ve got this.  And we’ve got you.

Montreal Postpartum and New Family Packages

Overnight Support

Night-time help so you can sleep
  • 8 hours of overnight support
  • Tending to baby’s needs (diapering and soothing)
  • Twin support (+$50)
  • Support for nighttime breastfeeding
  • Feel rested and confident after a good night’s sleep

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