I woke up to some nice news. A nice lady from nursepractitionerschools.org informed me that I was listed in the top 50 blogs for midwives. It’s organized so that midwives are first, organizations are next, nurses are next, then doulas are at the end. I am proud to be in the “doula” section. After all, where else would I be? I was super happy to see my favourite blogger The Navel Gazing Midwife up there.

My talk with author Holly Dressel was lovely yesterday. She thought, “Hey! They should have doulas for EVERYTHING you have to do in a hospital!” Wouldn’t it be great too, if you were terrified at the dentist, to have a nice lady hold your hand and let you know your fears were acceptable and that they would be tended to? The word “doula” (even though I just can’t vibe with this word itself, always knowing the true meaning of it is “bonded slave”) embodies the essence of support, tending, and love. In any case, I think I gave an accurate description of what doulas do and what we’re about.

I simply could not imagine doing anything else.

Thanks to one Ms. Jasmine Hall for sending me the kudos.