I’m just back from the Birth and Healing workshop with Lewis Mehl-Madrona.

He was such a sweet, gentle presence…very down to earth, well spoken, and obviously very committed to his work in healing.

It was powerful to be in a circle of women who have such a profound respect for the process of birth and for the women in their care. Lewis demonstrated how to do a narrative interview, skillfully and subtly evoking the story surrounding a traumatic birth experience of one of the workshop participants. Later, he did some guided imagery work to help a woman deal with grief. What I loved about his approach was his gentleness….no cathartic button pushing, no big dramas…just a suggestion to stagnant energy to begin to flow. Lovely.

As always, it was SUCH a breath of fresh air to hang out with old, good friends. I don’t get enough time with Rivka and Sarah. When we get together, we get to be our cantakerous old gossipy selves, not having to show our virtuous faces to the public, until we laugh so hard our worry lines melt away.