Hey, wanna be a Bad Ass Doula (BAD)? You can either work forever more as one, or you can become a BAD on your journey towards becoming a Bad Ass Midwife (BAM).

The MotherWit Birth Doula Training is reaching capacity. We are over half full for registration after only a few weeks of announcing it, and there are still a whole five months left before it goes down. If you’re thinking of going for it, I strongly encourage you to get your application process started. There are ladies coming who have already done trainings from other organizations (are left wanting a little more, I’m guessing), who have babies, attached toddlers, are from out of town, and are bringing their partners. We can accommodate you for really cheap in a mansion with a pool. ($200 for the six days for you, $100 for each additional person over 5). ’nuff said.

I also want to remind all you Montrealers that on Thursday and Friday night, Bummis Boutique is hosting a lovely soiree celebrating the sexiness of pregnant and breastfeeding mamas.
Me and my ravishing squad of MotherWit Doulas (Birth and Postpartum) will be there to honour your gorgeous hot mama roundness and/or milkiness. Come check out the lingerie from Hot Milk and some new skin products from Earth Mama Angel Baby to show off your radiance. The days of “confinement” and hiding under tent like sailor motif-ed maternity wear are over.

Now, if someone could just make a pair of maternity jeans that were suitable for actual pregnant women… Seriously, how many of you are right now hiking up that waistband that keeps moving ever downwards? Aren’t you tired of always feeling like you’re about to lose your pants? All you maternity wear designers out there, please get on this. Pregnant women everywhere challenge you.