Just to let everyone know, my good friend Sarah and her soapmaking Goddess friend Alysia are opening up a cool new store. I went over there today to help them out for a little while, and it is a great space. The store is an herbal pharmacy….all those things you have a hard time finding, like homeopathic Caulophyllum 200, helichrysum essential oil, or pokeroot? You’ll find ’em there. There are also great body/hair/baby products, along with Alysia’s (Savon Populaire) soap, and Applecheeks cloth diapers (which are truly amazing). It’s going to be a fun place to come shop and chat with people EXTREMELY knowledgeable about the products they sell. Sarah has been an herbal healer for nearly a decade, and Alysia has been making soap and teaching soapmaking to people for a long time. They’re both nursing moms and carry their little ones around in Ergos while they paint, stock, make calls to suppliers, organize, etc. They are remarkable.

The store is called L’essentiel et les petits riens….. You’ll find them on 273 St. Zotique between Henri Julien and Alma, just a hop away from Beaubien Metro. They’re having a 5 a 7 to celebrate the grand opening on Thursday, April 8th.

Please come support our local merchants/craftspeople. These are people who deserve success. Hope to see you there!

Their website is: