The MotherWit team and I are excited to officially announce the new MotherWit Holistic Birth Doula Training, which will be taking place in Montreal, Canada. It will be 2 four day intensives, the dates being: February 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th 2011, and March 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th.

Having been a doula for going on 2 decades and having been training doulas since 2003, I feel very confident students will find this the most thorough training on how to begin to make a real change in our modern birth culture. By providing accurate information, supporting a woman through the emotional ups and downs of the childbearing year, lovingly and without judgement advocating a couple’s choices, and helping to create a cocoon of safety within which a couple can confidently put their feet to the path of birth and parenthood are ways in which doulas contribute to better birth experiences. We help women reclaim their innate knowing, their intuitive wisdom…their motherwit….trusting they are the experts in what they need to give themselves the best chance at birthing triumphantly.

Birth doulas contribute to the healing of a struggling birth culture, and this potential lies in remaining grass roots, true to our natures, while everything else grows rapidly more clinical and structured around us. While we learn the often challenging essentials of birth, as women we learn through story, through sharing, by paying attention to our own emotional landscapes and the feelings of others. As we build scientific knowledge, we build emotional intelligence, learning skills such as diplomacy towards those who hold different views from ours, non judgement, and active listening. Babies and nursing toddlers are welcome within our circle, as mothers should never be excluded from learning skills that support other women. If we have trouble learning women’s work in the presence of noisy babies, we have lost our way. MotherWit is about reclaiming our ways.

While we are grassroots at heart, we work within a highly structured system when attending hospital birth. It is essential to understand thoroughly what a client may expect while birthing there, and how to skillfully bridge the gap between a highly technical and grassroots approach. While we maintain a holistic approach, we strive to be non-flakey, as our real job of healing is not about preaching to the converted…it’s helping everyone feel safe within our presence by being knowledgable and compassionate about where people are coming from. No true healing will come from an antagonistic approach to birth support. Respect for all is essential. And when things make you feel powerless, which they sometimes will, we have ways to help you cope with that too.

We believe firmly in the apprenticeship of new doulas as they embark upon their new work with their hands held for awhile. It is simply not enough to say, “Here, take this information,” and expect you to have enough knowledge and wisdom to support a birthing couple, especially in the hospital system, without having seen a big sister doula in action a few times. To truly understand the scope of our practice and the strength of the space of safety we hold for our ladies to birth within, it takes time. It takes observation without pressure, and a safe space in which to process witnessed birth experiences, and ask many questions. MotherWit provides the opportunity for apprenticeship.

What some former students have said about the MotherWit Birth Doula Training:

” I could not have picked a better guide to lead my journey into finally claiming my life’s work: empowering women in their birth choices.” MT

“You are enriching so many women’s experiences and opening the doors which enable women to find their truths.” KdeJ

“Thank you so much for encouraging me to come and helping to facilitate what I needed to do for my own healing. It’s more bearable when there’s someone willing to stop justifying and just agree that sometimes ‘that just sucks, dude.’ Absolute heart felt gratitude for your teaching and support.” KO

“Thank you for being our teachers, our mentors, and our healers.”LT

We are very much looking forward to seeing you in the new year.

If doula wannabes in the Toronto area are looking for some doula training, let us know, as this summer we’re hoping to travel to your fair city.

For doula organizations or experienced solo doulas (30 plus births) who are interested in providing excellent mentorship to future doulas, MotherWit also provides a weekend workshop in being a MotherWit Birth Doula Mentor. Embrace the art of teaching apprentices, and share the wisdom of your experience, woman to woman. We will travel for a group of 10 or more.

Have a wonderful week!