It is a beautiful day today! So many options! In fact, so many, I’m feeling overwhelmed. When there is too much to do and no concrete plan, I tend to get very unfocused and end up frittering away my time on things of not so much importance.

My friend Millie, who is a postpartum doula of remarkable talent, believes the 24 hour day was invented by someone who was most definitely NOT a mom.

My kids are on Spring Break, so I am not doing any pre-post natals, though I will be having a birth within the next 48 hours almost definitely…maybe even two. Even so, I feel busier than ever.

I have childbirth videos to wade through in order to show my Birth Essentials prenatal class attendees different views of labour. I have content to organize. I have SO much administrative stuff I am backed up on. I promised to take my kids to a movie. I have yoga to do, a carrot/ginger/ cashew soup to make, more Doula Training applications to look through (we’re at about 10 students now, and still 5 months before we start), I have writing deadlines, piles of laundry, plus the daily answering of calls from potential clients and communication with clients with questions and concerns which punctuate my day. The dog needs all kinds of ear treatments which take time to do. Pots and pans to scrub. All you moms out there know what I mean. Whether or not you have a “job”, the business never ends.

I long for a couple of days to do nothing. Or a week without work or cleaning to organize my files. I feel like I’ll never get on top of it. My issue is my distractibility. I am a hyper focuser by nature. If I am deeply absorbed in something, I will forgo food, people will literally have to yell at me for my attention, and find it extremely difficult to pull myself away. It is almost impossible for me to get back to that task once the concentration is broken. And of course, with four children, there are distractions at least every 2 minutes, plus the phone calls. Ah, well, one step at a time. What I love about being at births is that all these worries fade and all I have to do is be blessedly in the moment.

Off to find some focus. Have a wonderful day!