MotherWit Loves Matraea!

As the owner of a couple of doula agencies and a doula trainer who teaches around Canada, I often get approached by lovely folks who are interested in introducing their products to me, asking if I can give them a shout out. I could not resist when when I was contacted...

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5 Realistic Parenting Resolutions

Ever have parenting moments when you feel like you’re failing?  Me too.  I have found myself staring at a kid in the wake of a meltdown thinking I wasn't cut out for this job.   I have made resolutions to be a better parent such as:   "I want to stop yelling at my...

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4 Keys to Night Time Survival for New Parents

In parenting as in life, everything is about perspective. It is our outlook combined with basic biological factors which make the soundtrack of our lives, helping us transition through the common adjustments the postpartum period requires. Becoming a parent is perhaps...

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