It is 4 am.  You have given birth recently, and are still in the process of recovering from that major event.  Feeding your baby isn’t easy.  You aren’t sure if you’re doing things right.  Your baby just doesn’t seem to be like the books say.  There is conflicting advice everywhere you turn.  Getting enough to eat is challenging enough, never mind getting the endless laundry done.

You’re leaky, you’re emotions are all over the place, and you’re feeling just a bit overwhelmed.

There is help available!  Have you ever heard of a “postpartum doula”?  Don’t worry, most people haven’t!  Many people associate the word “postpartum” with “depression”, but it actually simply refers to the period of a few weeks after the birth of your baby.  And “doula”?  What the heck is that?  In a nutshell, postpartum doulas are women who, after your baby is born, come to your house and take care of you so you can relax and bond with your little one.

Tired?  Kick back!  Doulas will hang out with your baby so you can get some sleep.  When you wake up, your dishes, or some other household task that is driving you nuts will be done.  Hungry?  They’ve got it!  Doulas can bring you yummy meals or prepare snacks for you.  Feeling disorganized?  No worries!  They can set up systems to ensure things flow more smoothly for you.  Do you have older kids?  Doulas love kids! Doulas can entertain them if you need time with Baby.  Feeding challenges?  They can help, and provide resources if necessary.  Overwhelmed or have feelings about your birth?  It is normal! Doulas can listen.  REALLY well, and without judgement, acknowledging and supporting your feelings. Aches and pains?  They have suggestions to promote healing, and can provide some holistic support and nurturing touch, honouring the beautiful job the exhausted new mama is doing.

Partners also benefit from the support of a postpartum doula.  They are often expected to pick up all the daily slack while the new mother is busy with baby care and healing from birth.  The care of a doula can also bring them relief, reducing stress and allowing them to take more time to rest and bond with their baby.

Do postpartum doulas ever do overnight work?  You bet they do!  The first few overnights at home with your new baby can be daunting, and doulas support your nighttime parenting needs until you feel confident.

Your baby was born months ago, but you feel like you never got settled.  Can a postpartum doula help?  Of course!  Our services are not limited to newborns.

“Postpartum doulas are like your mom but without the baggage!” -MotherWit Postpartum Doula Millie Tresierra

Postpartum doulas don’t breeze in spouting “expertise”, adding more information to your already overloaded brain, though they do know when to call the experts in.  Doulas make you some tea and ask you what you need in terms of information, comfort measures, and emotional support.  They trust, even if you’re not feeling sure yourself, that you know what is best for you and your baby, supporting you to make empowered mothering choices.

The sight of your postpartum doula coming through the door bearing snacks, encouraging words, and a strong shoulder to lean on is a sigh of relief in your busy day.

Postpartum doulas  are experienced in meeting the support needs of new families with knowledge, wisdom, and kindness.

Overwhelmed?  We’ve got you.

Lesley Everest