Rebozo Assisted Birth

Rebozo Assisted Birth


I have posted a still image of this, calling this a "midwife" birth because a doctor can provide gentle midwifery care. He places himself below her and uses the rebozo. A supportive team her prioritizes her needs. I had the pleasure of connecting with this OB – a gentle soul. Brazil has an 80-90 percent c-section rate in private hospitals and 45 percent in public hospitals, which makes this just heartwarming. A woman deserves to be loved no matter where she chooses to birth. Watch a longer version at Thank you Dr. Alencar.edit- revised stats

Posted by Human Birth Project on Saturday, March 25, 2017

I love this video. I don’t know if this baby catching dude is a doctor or a midwife, but I like his style, especially given they’re in a hospital. The things I particularly love here: he is sitting lower than the birthing woman. He understands his be vigilant and do his job within this medical context, yes, but not to loom over her and her partner as the authority over their experience. The family is the locus of power here. I love that he is included in the deeply intimate birthing space, a rebozo wrapped around him, staying quiet. He is not “letting” her birth this way, clearly she is letting HIM have the privilege of being part of this deeply intimate moment. She trusts him, and she feels safe to smooch her partner and relax in his proximity. He is so chill, not at all put out by being on the floor or being pulled on while she births. In fact he seems to appreciate that he can serve in such a physical/emotional, not just clinical way. I love how gently he holds the baby out, and how mom takes it from him.

Guess what? Midwives have been doing this for millennia. I am not singling this man out because he’s a guy who’s innovating anything. He is not. He is not more special in his actions than any average midwife. Praise to those who taught him. And kudos to him for finding the sense in what he’s observed and emulating it with such a present and lovely spirit. It is sad BECAUSE he is a man that a lot of people will take notice of this and give him a ton of praise and go “aaawwwww”. (not that that is his intention, and not that he’s less deserving of it than any other awesome birth keeper…I love this guy). Hopefully this is a great use of male privilege…to show mindful, loving, respectful, family centred, intimate, trusty family care and open eyes where some would have sadly remained closed.