What a gorgeous day! I cleaned up my flower gardens, so happy to see shoots poking their little faces through the earth to meet the sunshine in person. My children were so happy to go to the park where we built sand cities then pretended we were Godzillas. I feel blessed to be spending time with my loved ones, visiting mothers and mothers-in-law, revelling in the return of warmth.

I am thankful for the global network of doula sisters, from whom I learn so much. I appreciate it all: the support, the commiseration, the challenge, the conflict….it all creates growth, and I trust it’s all there to make me the best possible birth attendant I can be, and best teacher I can to those who are entrusting their educational process to me. I am profoundly honoured to have women interested in my guidance, which truly, aside from information, is all it really is.

Off to eat chocolate and chicken, most likely in that very order. Happy April!