I am such a huge sap. Aside from all the political crap involved with the Olympics, I have to say I am a sucker for medal ceremonies. When an athlete who has done his/her best, knowing ultimately there was no control over the outcome, stands on the podium to represent a nation, I am moved to tears. I guess it’s because it reminds me of how I felt taking my babies into my arms after I birthed them. I wanted to call the presses. I wanted to let everyone know how amazing I was. I was in the presence of Glory. Glory means “a state of high honour” and “brilliant radiant beauty”. It is a great blessing be able to receive those life sustaining hits of it now and again, and how lovely of Birth to grant many of us this opportunity.

Glory is a perfect springboard from which to launch into mothering and fathering. May everyone start her/his life as a parent in Glory, no matter the process. May all babies bask in Glory at the moment of their birthings. May all of us who work with birth strive to protect the experience of Glory.