I am so happy to finally announce the official launching of the MotherWit website! http://www.motherwit.ca/

It has been a long process, gathering together the right people, finding the right words, getting good photographs, etc. It would not have been possible without my husband’s friend Daeman, who is an obvious genius, and my husband, who is not so shabby himself. So, thank you, Gentlemen, for using your skills of troubleshooting, perfecting, fine tuning, exacting, task mastering, and patience on a site that is so totally chick oriented, geared towards relaxing, opening, accepting, allowing, and going with the flow! A standing ovation to you both!

What a gorgeous picture of the woman on the home page, eh? I put it there not only because it is so hauntingly beautiful, full of what I can only describe as the pure Glory (notice with a capital G) of birth, but because I had the honour of attending her labour. I don’t think I have ever witnessed someone so profoundly transformed by her own birth experience. I get tears in my eyes every time I remember it. Sometimes giving birth teaches you what your most authentic power looks like, and when you can meet your terror with courage and be vulnerable enough to allow that power to transform it into a level of strength you never anticipated, you get to carry that with you for life. For yourself. For your child. For everyone you meet. You contribute to a healing, knowing in your heart that if only every woman could experience birth that way, no matter how it unfolds, the world would most certainly be a better place. My part in that birth was so simple…it was just to let her know I had absolute faith in her. The calm, steadfast love of her husband surrounded us all, and created the protective circle into which this woman triumphantly birthed their daughter, shouting her baby’s name in the ecstasy of welcome.

I am deeply honoured to have this photo on my site, along with all the others who contributed their amazing images. Thank you for sharing of yourselves so willingly. You are all beautiful! We will be adding more pictures as we go along, so keep checking back.

We had a great “Meet the Doulas” soiree last night. It is so much fun meeting new pregnant couples, and creating an environment of sharing. It was attended by pregnant ladies and prospective doula students. I have a great team! I always leave these meetings feeling really high.