It has been awhile since my last blog…just to let you know I’m still here. I am focusing all of my energy right now into fundraising endeavours for my trip to Madagascar, as well as preparing for the Doula Training Intensive this summer. Preparing a training manual is no easy feat. So much of my writing energy is being used at the moment.

I had Friday off…meaning no clients, students to speak with, births, classes to teach, or school holidays at home with the kids. Of course, there was some administration to tend to, but I spent most of my day cleaning, laundering, and meal planning, and WOW is this weekend ever going smoothly! We woke up early and went out for groceries and a few anuals to fill in the garden as the perennials take up their rightful spaces in my young gardens. To not have a weekend spent mucking out a terribly neglected mess of a home is such a blessing! To not have to spend all Sunday doing the week’s laundry makes me wonder at the possibilities of the day open to us tomorrow. I’m thinking of buying an apple tree to plant in my yard, and to finally get that last placenta out of the freezer and committing it to the earth. My little Finn is quite excited about the idea of planting his placenta. He is fascinated with his umbilical cord, and likes to look at it on occasion, but is fine with finally burying it.

We spent most of the day out and about and planting in the black and white garden, and will now cook a lovely dinner. A normal weekend like this is heavenly. I think I’m going to try to take every Friday off just to clean, prepare, and schedule. I turn on music and it doesn’t even feel like a chore as the broom and I dance our way along. My daughter Oona cooked some lovely banana chocolate chip muffins for dessert. Maybe I will even just put up my feet and watch some hockey with my husband tonight. Or maybe a game of Trivial Pursuit with the kids. Or a walk to the lake with the dog. Ah, the evening is young. I will wait until the kids are in bed to do a bit of work.