Sleep Essentials Infant Sleep Workshop

Are you struggling with your baby’s sleep? Are you a pregnant or new parent who is anxious about building “bad habits” or considering paying high fees for a sleep trainer to make sure your baby doesn’t wake up too much, leaving you all sleep deprived?

I hear you! I am a mother of four and have been working with families for three decades as a birth and postpartum doula. I witnessed early on in my career and in my own motherhood that infant sleep was one of the most “hot button” parenting topics out there! My clients (and I) were exhausted and conflicted by all the contradictory information. To meet an ever growing need for realistic family sleep support, I became certified as an Infant Sleep Educator with a mission to provide evidence-based information and personalised strategies to improve family rest. My training and experience in supporting lactation, birth and early parenting trauma, perinatal mental health concerns, parent-child attachment, the Tummy Time Method and relational biology shapes my approach to give families a solid foundation in sleep science and strategies, reduce confusion and anxiety, and build confidence.

Discover the gentle art of nurturing your infant’s sleep in our upcoming Sleep Essentials workshop, tailored to provide parents and caregivers with knowledge, empathy, and practical strategies. Our journey into infant sleep is not just about the methods; it’s about understanding the profound connection between your care and your baby’s well-being. This workshop is a sanctuary for those seeking solutions to explore and compassionate support. We recognize each family’s unique journey, embracing an inclusive approach that respects diverse parenting philosophies. My aim is to equip you with the wisdom and confidence to foster a nurturing sleep environment you feel good about.

Join me for an enriching experience where we delve into the science of sleep, debunk myths, and explore gentle techniques that honour your infant’s natural rhythms.

A glimpse into what you will learn:

-Reading Your Baby’s Cues
-Myths About Self-Soothing
-Why Schedules Are Not Optimal For Most Babies
-Creating Multi-Sensory Cues To Nourish Comfort With Sleep
-Sids Risk Reduction
-How To Take Care Of You
And So Much More!

Sunday May 26 noon-3pm
12pm – 3 pm
Live via Zoom
To Register:
Private Sleep Consultations Also Available



May 26 2024


12:00 pm - 3:30 pm



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