BellyFit Giveaway! MakeMyBellyFit

BellyFit GIVEAWAY!! Winter is coming! (eventually) Mamas keep those bellies and babies snug and warm with a BellyFit by MakeMyBellyFit! MotherWit Birth Essentials Prenatal Classes is honoured to partner with MakeMyBellyFit to offer someone a FREE BellyFit Jacket...

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I Did Not Fight Cancer

Many people use fighting words when it comes to cancer. “I battled cancer.”  “My mother lost her fight with cancer.”  For many, The Warrior Path is essential to their journey, and I honour that.  When I had cancer, I felt a strong aversion to using the language of...

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Mr. Clean and Me: My Pregnant Love Affair

I am not known across the land for my general housekeeping skills.  Let's just say, I'll never make the cover of "Good Housekeeping"....unless I am pregnant!  While normally disorganized in the realm of maintaining an orderly home, I'm a total dynamo when I am with...

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