Online Postpartum Doula Training

Become a MotherWit Certified Postpartum Doula! Online -March 2023
Six day training held over 2 weekends.
Friday March 8th 6-9pm EST
Saturday March 9th 11-7pm EST
Sunday March 10th 11-7pm EST
Friday March 15th 6-9pm EST
Saturday March 16th 11-7pm EST
Sunday March 17th 11-7pm EST
In a society which now generally associates the word “postpartum” with the word “depression”, the need for postpartum doulas is growing! At a time when many new parents are isolated from their family support systems, the reparative presence of a postpartum doula has the power to shift the direction of an anxious new family’s experience into one of more confidence and peace. This benefits not only them, but the development of their baby/ies as well. If you are interested in making a positive contribution to this sensitive period of a new parent and baby’s life together, this class is for you!
Through a trauma literate lens we will explore how birth impacts the postpartum period and how you can support someone in exploring their feelings around it. You will learn how to support parents in co-regulating with their babies for optimal growth, the art of generative listening so that parental insight takes its rightful place as the expert (rather than all the voices “out there”), tending to the comfort of the postpartum body, troubleshooting basic breast/chest/bottle feeding concerns, supporting the spiritual transition into parenthood, paying attention to the “inner baby” of a new parent, and looking at evidence based ways of creating good sleep hygiene in a new family. We will talk about optimally nourishing foods, emotionally balancing scents, checking our own biases when a family’s values are different from ours, and how to begin building your postpartum doula business in a sustainable way.
This training is rooted in almost three decades of in-the-field birth and postpartum care and nearly two decades of training doulas.

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