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MotherWit Birth and Postpartum Doula Training


Excellent training is the key to making you feel competent and secure as you embark upon your career as a doula.  We do not just cover basics.  We view the childbearing year from a holistic perspective, and explore this special time in a birth giver’s life as a potential to explore this transformational process and learn about themself.  A MotherWit trainee will learn many tools with which to facilitate this process.  MotherWit trainings also “doula” the fledgling, birth/family attendant as they explore their own strengths and challenges, holding a nurturing space within which their own unique expression of this work can emerge.

Whether you are interested in training to become a birth doula, postpartum doula, or wish to expand your professional knowledge base with enrichment workshops on various topics on holistic perinatal care, we have something to meet your needs.

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MotherWit CORE Birth Doula Training

Become a MotherWit Certified Birth Doula!

This 4 day training is for those who want to pursue a career in supporting families holistically throughout pregnancy, birth, and the earliest postpartum period. It can either serve as a complete professional training for birth doulas, as a stepping stone towards a career in midwifery, nursing, or medicine, or as continuing education for those who are already working with birthing families and want to enrich their practices. Even those who are already established as birth doulas will find this training beneficial.

MotherWit Doula Training provides education above and beyond standard training. Not only do we study the pregnancy, birthing, and immediate postpartum process and ways to support it in all kinds of settings, but you will learn a myriad of tools to work holistically with your clients. You will learn, for example, how to help a birthing person deal with the sensations of labour, how to navigate your way though hospital system, how to care for yourself as you care for others, how to conduct your pre/post natal meetings, how to build community for new parents and other doulas, and most importantly, how, in your own unique, loving, authentic way, to contribute to the improvement of the modern birth culture one mother/father/parent and baby at a time.

MotherWit CORE Doula Training – 4 Days / 32 Class Hours