Family Sleep: The Struggle is Real

There are times our physiology simply does not support our philosophy.  We see it all the time in birth and parenting.  You may have very much wanted a birth with timely pain management, only to have delivered too quickly before receiving it. Perhaps you wanted with...

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Rebozo Assisted Birth

I love this video. I don't know if this baby catching dude is a doctor or a midwife, but I like his style, especially given they're in a hospital. The things I particularly love here: he is sitting lower than the birthing woman. He understands his be...

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A Doula’s Love Letter to Nurses

Having worked with obstetric, postpartum, and NICU nurses over the last couple of decades, I can honestly say that aside from the birthing/new mothers, nurses are the hardest working folks in the hospital.  I have developed amazing relationships with many of my local...

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MotherWit Loves Matraea!

As the owner of a couple of doula agencies and a doula trainer who teaches around Canada, I often get approached by lovely folks who are interested in introducing their products to me, asking if I can give them a shout out. I could not resist when when I was contacted...

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