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the Doulas Soiree
You are cordially invited to a gathering hosted by the MotherWit Doulas!  Whether you are just trying to figure out if doula care is right for you, want to show off your new babies...

New location 5726 Sherbrooke West
Suite 214

Next Meetings:
Dec 10 2014
Jan 14 2015
Feb 11 2015
Mar 11 2015
Apr 8 2015
May 13 2015
June 10 2015
July 8 2015
Aug 12 2015
Sept 9 2015
Oct 14 2015
Nov 11 2015
Dec 9 2015

7:00 - 8:30
No Need to RSVP


Birth Essentials
Prenatal Classes

(Childbirth Education)

2 Day Intensives

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Dec 6/13 2014
Jan 10/24 2015
Feb 7/21 2015
Mar 7/21 2015 FULL
Mar 22 /Apr 12 NewDate!
Apr 18/25 2015
May 2/16 2015
June 13/20 2015
July 11/25 2015
Aug 8/22 2015
Sept 12/26 2015
Oct 10/24 2015
Nov 7/21 2015
Dec 5/12 2015

5726 Sherbrooke W Suite 214

Doula Training

Next Sessions:


2015 Birth Doula Trainings

May 4 -9 2015
Wichita Kansas

July 8-13 2015
Edmonton AB

August 17-22 2015
Ottawa ON


Postpartum Doula Training

July 16-19 2015
Edmonton AB

September 17-20 2015
Ottawa ON




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Welcome to MotherWit Doula Care

MotherWit Doula Care strives to provide the essential support services you need for your childbirth experience in Montreal, Canada. Offering holistic prenatal education, childbirth companionship, breastfeeding support, postpartum care,  and doula training, MotherWit Doula Care lovingly guides you through your journey into motherhood.

What is MotherWit? The word "motherwit" refers to an innate knowledge; a wisdom based on intuition and common sense. With the majority of pre/postnatal visits, prenatal classes, and births taking place in clinical hospital settings, the fact that birth is usually a normal, healthy process is sometimes elusive.  MotherWit Doula Care seeks to reclaim the belief that birth is a family-centred as opposed to a medical-centred event,  and encourages you to explore the opportunities for personal growth and healing during this transformational time.

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Every kind of birth, from natural labour to those with interventions which preserve the mother's and baby's health and/or comfort, is a monumental event in a woman's life we hope she can look back upon with a sense of triumph.

MotherWit believes that a "good" pregnancy/birth/parenting experience is not necessarily one in which everything goes as expected. This is one of the most challenging aspects of the childbearing year: that we don't have a lot of control over how it unfolds.  While we can influence the normal process by maintaining optimal health, ultimately, we are not in control.  What contributes to a good experience is respect for parental concerns, support for their needs and desires, and parental involvement in all the decision making whenever possible. MotherWit Doula Care strives to empower families to make informed choices based upon their needs and values surrounding birth and parenting.

MotherWit Doula Care believes all aspects of a woman's life touch her birthing experience, from how she cares for herself, to the attitudes she was taught to believe about childbirth, to how she copes with stress and pain. MotherWit guides the pregnant woman to discover and work through the concerns she has during pregnancy, thus creating space for calmer and more centred birthing and mothering. Nourishing the whole woman, her body, mind, and spirit, is the role of the MotherWit doula. This is done through encouraging her to find a doctor or midwife with whom the expecting parents have good rapport, good nutrition, couple communication, discussing her intuitions, facilitating emotional exploration, bodywork, and practical prenatal education. When a woman has created an internal environment which makes her feel powerful about embarking upon the unknown journey ahead and is surrounded with good support, she enters into motherhood with a greater sense of confidence and wellbeing. MotherWit honours new babies, mothers, and fathers as our most precious citizens, and seeks to nourish this relationship for the benefit of generations to come.

Welcome to this site. MotherWit wishes you a wonderful birth, Gentle Mother.

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